One of the fundamental principle of the company is performing services with high quality and, thinking about it, DOMA acquired the equipments to conduct inspections and certify the quality of its products, see some of our inspection services:

   -Magnetic Particle Inspection
   -Liquid Penetrant Inspection
   -Accurate measurements (0.005 mm) conferred by Mitutoyo Three-dimensional
   -Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
   -Surface Roughness Tester


   Over the years to better serve our customers, Doma created a structure entirely vertical and complete, containing highly skilled and trained employees operating the following types of machines:

   -CNC Machining Centers
   -CNC Lathes
   -Automatic lathes
   -Turret lathes


 Understanding the importance of heat treatment and surface treatment in the manufacture of parts and structures, the DOMA created an area for special processes, contributing to the high quality standards that require their services and products. 

   Following some treating services:

   -Solubilization of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, monel, inconel 
   -Bath Cadmium
   -Chemical oxidation black
   -Painting with epoxy paint

                  WATERJET CUTTING

   Tracking the market and technological development, the company acquired a Waterjet Cutting Machine that has the following advantages over other types of cuts:

   -Does not alter the mechanical properties of the material
   -Cutting steel, aluminum, stainless steel, granite, glass, porcelain
   -The various shapes (square, round, elliptical, not geometric shapes)
   -Employee trained and qualified to perform the service safely
   -Machine very accurate and fast
   -Jet pressure to 87,000 psi
   -We cut plates up to 4.05 x 2.08 meters
   -Crane with a capacity of up to 5 Ton. handling of the plates